+98 24 3238 3294-7 8th Bahrevari St, Zinc Industrial Park, 6th km of Zanjan-Bijar road, Zanjan, Iran


Zinc Ingots

At the present time, this company with the production of H.G and S.H.G zinc ingots with an average grade of 99.96% to 99.99%, a variety of Zamak ingots and high quality zinc powder is capable of supplying raw materials for factories and industrial units which require zinc ingots and Zinc powder. Zinc ingots are manufactured this company via the hydrometallurgy method.

It should be noted that Sane Rooy Zanjan Co. is the first holder of the management certificate of integrated management system (IMS) for zinc powder production, and we are the only lab certificate holder ISO/IEC 17025 among producers of zinc ingot in the country as well as the lab partner of general office of standard & industrial research of Zanjan.